When you join us as a guest at Trigg Hair Studio, it all starts with a personalised consultation

If there is one key thing we have learned over the many decades we’ve been taking care of people’s hair, it is that the initial consultation is the most important step in your visit to the salon.

Without this time spent together, we are both missing out on a vital part of the experience that contributes to you leaving, feeling happy and confident and excited about your hair.

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What does a consultation involve?

Great question!

The first thing we will do when you visit is sit down with you face to face and listen to your needs and wants. If you’ve been a guest in the past we’ll check our notes about what we did during your previous visits and ask specific questions. This way we can see how you’ve found your hair since we last visit.

If you’re a new guest then we’ll ask a different set of questions to better understand what is important to you.

We will offer advice based on your hair and during this time exploring what you want to achieve. We can spend time looking on the salon iPad at different styles and colours that will be realistic for you based on both the type of hair you have and the kind of colour and style you want to achieve.

Both during this initial consultation, and during the rest of your visit we will offer you styling tips to make it as easy as possible for you to maintain the look at home.

In terms of colour, we will keep your desires in mind but also promise to ensure you know whats happening out there in terms of current trends and techniques. Rather than simply doing the same thing every time. We love how so many of our guests trust our guidance and can, when the time is right, find changes are easy for them to embrace.

Sam Macdonald Hair | Hairdresser colour consultant Trigg | North Beach | Marmion | Karrinyup | Scarborough Western Australia

Our goal is to come up with things so we can do to keep you excited by your hair and always looking forward to the next visit.

It is common for us to use a range of products when both shampooing, conditioning and styling your hair. We love both the Pure and Davines ranges, (you can read why here). We will share with you all the products we feel, as your hairdresser you should be using to make your life easier and to maintain the look at home. We will also teach you how to use them so its simple for you and you can leave the appointment feeling confident and fabulous.

If you decide you would like to purchase any of the products used, we have them available in the salon. You can take them home with you right there and then. We’ll also keep a record of what we have recommend and what you purchase so we can reference that at any time in the future,

We love taking the time to get to know the guests that join us in the salon. We really enjoy the interaction with you, so we look forward to seeing you at Trigg Hair Studio very soon and having you become a long term guest.

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"Sam is absolutely fantastic and I couldn't recommend her enough! I love supporting people who are passionate about what they do and my goodness is she passionate about her clients, business and educating people! Every time I leave her salon, I've had an amazing time and I've learnt something about hair. Sam always goes the extra mile as well offering wines, coffee, tea, snacks.. whatever you want, she's got you covered. You will never go to another hairdresser after seeing Sam!"
Alana Magee