"We love becoming a valued part of people’s lives.
Quite simply, the way we look impacts significantly on the way we function in the world and as a Hairdresser, we can positively influence the way you feel about you.
That matters"

The most important thing that we can do for you in salon, is use the products we’re using on you every day.

At Trigg Hair Studio the colour that used on you, is of the highest quality for your body and your environment. Inferior products are not used to cut costs at any point. YOU are important to us.

The colours are the latest technology offering sustainable, low toxin products that have up to 93% naturally derived ingredients contained in them. What this means for you is that you’re not being exposed to unnecessary toxins. You’re doing your bit to look after the planet and your hair colour will be amazing!

Sam the owner has been in this industry from the early 1990’s and knows the lack of transparency that’s out there with a lot of products. You can feel secure knowing that  the research has been done for you and can rest assured all our products are what they say they are.

The colours used on you in salon, Davines and Pure, are from an Australian company that we have worked alongside of for years. They are doing all they can to make this planet amazing for you and for future generations.

Choosing to get your hair done with us is also you doing your bit for the world, how goods that!

The colours used on you at Trigg Hair Studio, break down in the environment quickly and have a high percentage of naturally derived ingredients in them. Most of the retail packaging come from recycled Australia land waste plastic. You can also bring your empty Shampoo and Conditioner containers in for refills in salon to help with plastic usage.

On top of this both Davines and Pure have ZERO carbon emissions. I think you’ll agree, this is the way we need to be heading.

To see what we’re for you doing in salon to recycle salon waste, please click below.

Sustainable Salon Commitment

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'Education is a huge part of what we do at Trigg Hair Studio. Education for the team of course but we also want to teach YOU how to get the most out of your hair.

Its common in hair salons to see a client leave looking amazing, never to be able to recreate the look at home. We want to teach you ALL the things that can have you looking like you just left the salon, every day.

Our education is a holistic approach, we look at what you're doing to your hair once its grown out of your head but also from a nutritional point of view. There is so much to know here, for more information just check our blog section for articles."

When you come to Trigg Hair Studio, everyone will give you a massive smile when you walk in, you’ll feel at ease immediately. As soon as you start chatting to your stylist you will feel confident that you will get what you want and feel looked after.

You will be shown ideas for your hair and tips to help acheive it at home. Yes, we will show your products and tools that will make your life easier at home because we want you to have all the information you can to make your hair life a breeze.

What you do with this information is totally up to you. We’re here to empower you not pressure you!

We can’t wait to see you, saving our planet and our bodies one hairdo at a time.

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