What is Balayage?

Balayage means to sweep or paint.
It’s a freehand technique where your hairdresser paints according to the outcome you’re seeking. It’s usually soft and subtle and helps to avoid harsh lines of regrowth and also allows longer times for you between salon visits.
Traditionally it is done to create a natural effect on the hair like the sun would do on natural hair with a lot of time spent outdoors. Can do better than nature with techniques in the salon.

What is the difference between highlights (foils) and balayage?

Traditional foiling goes right to your scalp and can leave a slight regrowth effect at the hair grows. Balayage is designed to avoid completely any regrowth line.
Sometimes we will combine balayage and foils, (commonly know as foliage, click here to go to our foil page), depending on the result you’re after. We use photos to work out exactly what result you’re after.

What maintenance is required?

This balayage technique is created to leave you with no harsh regrowth lines or obvious regrowth lines. This technique gives you longevity between visits and is suitable for people seeking colour for the first time or those wanting to enhance their natural colour. This blended technique, depending on the final colour you choose, will last up to 4 months.

Is it suitable for all hairstyles and lengths?

It is suitable for ALL hair types, depending on how light you want to go and the texture of the hair. This technique can be performed on blonde hair and dark hair. We recommend a shade of balayage that would be tailored to the shade to best suit you.

Does balayage work on grey hair?

Balayage will not cover you greys but could help disguise and blend them. This technique does not give your grey coverage but it can be combined with a root application of colour.

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