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Ever wondered about your follicles?

I thought so, here is all the information you need to be enlightened!

Humans are born with all of their hair follicles and there is no possible way to increase the number of follicles you have. More follicles would equal more hair but you’re stuck with what you have.

Interestingly though some people have more hair coming out of these follicles. People with super thick hair often have 4 thick hairs coming out of each follicle, (technical name is terminal hair). As well as these you could have 2-3 baby hairs coming out of the same follicle, (named vellus hairs).

People with fine hair like me will only have 1-2 terminal hairs and 1-2 vellus hairs coming out of each follicle.

As your hair thins with age your terminal hair number can reduce and the terminal hairs can turn into vellus hairs. A good example of this is when you see a man who’s bald but still has soft fine hairs in that, ‘bald’, area.

The best things to keep these follicles producing the best that they can is to look after your body and treat it kindly. Give it good food, great vitamins and keep that stress at bay. Good luck with that last one…

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