Hair Cutting

What goes into your hair cutting at Trigg Hair Studio?

The first and most important thing is that you can feel confident in the team. Your stylist at Trigg Hair Studio has done extensive and continued training all throughout their career. This will give you up to date techniques and ideas, to give you the best possible hair cut.

It’s also important that you can manage and maintain your style with as much ease as possible at home. Because of this, you receive a complimentary follow-up blow dry within a week of your first visit to us. You can make the most of this offer for any first service that includes a cut and blow dry.

Your follow up appointment, is done sometime in the week following your first visit. This allows you time to have shampooed and styled your own hair. You and your stylist can then ensure that it’s sitting perfectly for you.

What process can you expect when you visit the salon for a hair cutting and blow dry service?

It all starts with a smile and a thorough consultation with your stylist. You can show one of the team photos you have saved already or you can look together using the salon iPad. Your stylist will get an idea of the styles you love and then suggest a version that will work best for your hair.

Next, you can relax in one of our massage basin chairs for a fabulous hair and scalp cleanse, followed by a massage. Once you’re back in the chair we will offer you a range of refreshments from our menu which includes all the usual’s, as well as wine, chips and chocolate biscuits.

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The first part of your hair cut will be done on wet hair. Sometimes texture is also added at this point. Once the base hair cut is completed we will dry the hair in either the way your hair naturally falls or to a previously discussed style you have requested. Once your hair is dry, we will complete the texturising process based on where the weight of the hair falls.

Throughout your visit you stylist will offer you tips and tricks on styling and managing your hair. You will also be shown all the products and tools that is recommended to make your hair act the way you want it to at home. It is up to you which pieces of information you take with you however we will always share our recommendations.

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