Foiling For Hair

You can feel completely confidant when getting hair foils at Trigg Hair Studio as we are experts in all things blonde.

Foiling is simply a technique where weaves of your hair are separated using foil, (this is 100% recycled and helps feed the homeless), so the colour you’re having only goes on those parts of the hair.

Types of foiling typically used at Trigg Hair Studio

Face framing hair foils

You can add face framing highlights to an existing all over colour or simply as a way to introduce yourself to some subtle colouring. By adding some lightness around your hairline, it will draw the eye to the face.

Baby light hair foils

You’re looking for bright colour that’s super natural and subtle?

Then this is the technique for you.

Baby lights are foils that blend well and give you a softer regrowth. It is a great technique if you are just being introduced to colour or like a more natural look.

Varied foil weave

You can request how thick you’d like your foil weave. We generally use photos on your visit so we can get an understanding of exactly what look you’re after.


You want the balayage look but also some foils in between, then this is the technique for you. We can use both foiling and balayage techniques to get the look you want. Please click here to go to our balayage page.

Low lights

Low lights are the opposite of highlights and that means darker colours are used on you. This is great for adding a little natural colour back into your hair if it has faded, you feel like subtle change through the seasons or this helps to blend you ‘sparklers’ in.

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