Hair Loss

Hair Loss Facts!

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Hair loss!

We all occasionally suffer from a bit of hair loss and I thought I would share a few of the reasons why…

At any one time, approximately 10% of our hair is in Telogen, which is the phase where I can fall out easily with no pain as its ready to come out.

Sometimes when we have a big shock or major stress in our lives, it can show up approximately 10 weeks after the event as extra hair loss. This is because it takes that long from where the hair begins to grow to falling out. We call this Telogen effluvium and is because the hairs natural growing phases are impacted. This condition will fix itself with time though can happen repeatedly if you don’t look after yourself.

Sometimes hair loss can be caused by external elements and happens at the other ends of the hair from the roots, that’s right we call it breakage and is usually caused by to much heat, chemicals and not enough good hair care. I will go into this one further next week.

In summary, these are just a few of the main reasons for some hair loss but there are many more related to hormones.

If you ever want to discuss concerns with me, please contact me to book a time and if I can’t assist you, I do know a specialist that can help.