What Is Using Your Straightener Doing To Your Hair?

What Is Using Your Straightener Doing To Your Hair?

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Have you ever stopped and thought about how you treat your hair, when using your hot tools including hair straighteners and curling thongs?

When I see hair that is struggling from over styling I will ask how often hot tools are used and usually get a response such as, ‘not very often, just once or twice a week’.

I know this doesn’t seem like much does it but lets do some sums…

Lets assume your hair is a silk scarf, as chemically hair and silk are quite similar.

Your hair grows 1 – 1.5 centimeters a  onth so if your hair is at your shoulders, that means its on average 2 years old.

Most hot tools are at about 200 degrees so imagine that you iron your silk scarf once a week for 2 years.

Now imagine you do it twice a week for 2 years…

That’s 208 times, what does that scarf look like?

Wow this is starting to get scary isn’t it!

Now imagine your hair is actually longer than your shoulders and is 4 years old and you iron it twice a week at 200 degrees….

OMG, using your hair straightener you’ve ironed your hair 416 times at 200 degrees…

Put on top of this showers that are too hot in winter, summers spent in the sun and salt water, UV light and every other little thing that your poor hair goes through…

Time to start thinking of your hair as the piece of clothing you never take off, isn’t it!

There are some amazing things you can do to prevent this damage happening in the first place and secondly (though not ever as good as prevention) is reconnecting some of the bonds that hold your hair together and therefore impacting the condition. I will go into these at a later date.

If you’d like to book an appointment to give your hair some love I’d be happy to talk through it’s current condition as part of your initial consultation. All the details to make a booking can be found here.