Sulfates In Hair Products

Sulfates In Hair Products

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We have all heard somewhere along the line that sulfates in hair products are bad for us, but does anyone actually know why?⁣

First things first, what is it actually for?

⁣A sulfate will only be found in your shampoo, not your conditioner or any other hair product. ⁣

This is because its part of the cleansing part of washing your hair. Basically a sulfate is a detergent and as well as being found in a lot of shampoos, you will find it in many detergent based products around your home.⁣

Some companies love to say there are no sulfates in their conditioners, well of course there isn’t, conditioner doesn’t lather like shampoo!⁣

A sulfate will give you the big bubbles that we have come to assume means the shampoo is working. It allows oil and water to be mixed together and then rinsed from the hair leaving it squeaky clean.⁣

Different shampoos have various results on how the hair is left feeling. A shampoo for dry damaged hair should remove less of the oil that one designed for oily hair.⁣

Do we have to have a sulfate in a shampoo? No, though sulfate free shampoos don’t usually lather as well.⁣

There has been some unfounded controversy surrounding sulfates over the last few years. Many studies have been done since then, to disprove possible side effects.⁣

Some people will have an allergy to sulfates which will cause them a little itchiness when they use it. This is most often the case with people with sensitive skin and skin conditions such as eczema or contact dermatitis.⁣

These condition’s can also come from many other sources not only the products being used. For example a great deal of people have a dairy intolerance, which can show up in a similar fashion.⁣

So to summarise, the use of sulfates is not life threatening. However it can cause some discomfort in some people. ⁣

You don’t need to be using a shampoo with a sulfate in it. You can use a sulfate free shampoo though it probably won’t later as much though it still cleanse your hair and scalp the same.⁣

Oh and by the way, if you want to be sulfate free, you better chuck out your toothpaste because it in there as well. ?

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