How Do You Treat Your Hair?

How Do You Treat Your Hair?

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Do you treat your hair like a fragile silk scarf or a hardy linen shirt?

We need to start thinking of our hair as a material because that’s exactly what it is! Unfortunately, it’s closer to silk than linen so we may have to re-look at how we treat it.

Let’s look at the two examples:

Linen: We iron it at a high temperature because it can handle it

Silk: We try to avoid heat but if we have to it’s at the lowest setting

Linen: We can wash it in hot water repeatedly, no problem

Silk: Cool temperatures only for this delicate fabric

Our hair only grows 1-1.5cms per month.

That’s a maximum of 18cm per year and that’s not including what we’re removing with regular trims.

I should note here that avoiding these regular 6-8 week trims will only result in your hair fraying faster than it grows so its totally counterproductive. Don’t skip those trims people!

So 18cm per year means that someone with hair to their shoulders has probably had it on their heads for 3 years approximately.

Now think for a minute, what have you done to your silk scarf, (your hair), in those 3 years?

How hot is the water you wash it in? Especially in winter.

Do you use moisturisers to help replace lost moisture in the ends of your hair?

How often do you use hot tools in your hair? A normal straightener or curling iron runs at about 200 degrees or more.

Are you over-washing and removing the natural oils to frequently?

I hope this has given you some food for thought because at the end of the day your hair is the fabric you never take off…

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