Is It Possible To Overwash Your Hair

Is It Possible To Overwash Your Hair

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Yes it is possible to over wash your hair.

Imagine your hair is a beautiful silk scarf. Hair is scientifically very similar to hair so its a good example.

If you washed that scarf everyday for 365 days, how would it look? Faded, dry, most of its shine gone and even a bit thinner than when it was new?

Its exactly the same with hair as hair should be considered a fabric and treated accordingly.

It does make a difference what you’re washing your hair with of course but even the top of the range shampoos and conditioners will have an effect over time.

Some options are:

– simply don’t wash as much, oily haired people you can get great dry shampoos these days.

– make sure to use a leave in conditioner of some kind to replace lost moisture in the ends of your hair. A good shampoo and conditioner just aren’t enough.

– try co-washing, (I did post on the 6/6/19 if you’d like to know more about this).

– do weekly treatments that are right for your specific hair type, your hairdresser can help you with this or you can ask me.

On top of all of this, the constant removal of all the oil on your scalp results in your hair either feeling stripped for dryer hair types or getting oilier for oily hair types.

If you would like any further information and have questions please don’t hesitate to ask. I love educating people so you’ll be doing me a favor as well.?

If you’d like to book an appointment to give your hair or scalp some love. I’d be happy to talk through it’s current condition as part of your initial consultation. All the details to make a booking can be found here.