Is There A Way To Save Water With Shampoo Choice?

Is There A Way To Save Water With Shampoo Choice

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Is there a way to save water with shampoo choice? Well it wouldn’t be much of a post if the answer was no would it… ?

You’ve been given shampoo products for years that foam up. Now you feel like if it doesn’t foam well, its not doing its job. What you may not realise is that sulphates are that thing that gives you all the foam.

Sure foam makes you think your hair is clean but it also takes a lot of rinsing to remove it from the hair.

You’ve surely heard by now of sulphate free shampoos and most of you would prefer to use them. Sulphates are linked to allergic reactions in some people. In an age where we are becoming more allergic it makes sense to not use unnecessary irritants.

The great thing about sulphate free shampoos is that because they foam less, they rinse more easily and quickly from your hair.

There you have it, yes there is a way to save shampoo with buying choice. ?

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