Looking After The Inside Of Your Body

Looking After The Inside Of Your Body

Looking After The Inside Of Your Body |Sam Macdonald Hair | Hairdresser | Trigg Scarborough Sorrento Karinyup North Beach

Looking after the inside of your body is super important when it comes to hair and scalp health.

No matter what skin and hair care products you use on your body, if you’re not looking after the inside of your body, the products you use on the outside, can only do so much…

I recently had a mini heath scare, nothing major but it made me take a look at my lifestyle and realise I need to stop inflammation in my body. I organised a visit with the lovely Kat from Invigorate Naturopathy and she helped me to realise, most of my inflammation is caused by self inflicted stress.


Its not a big surprise to me, or any of you that know me but what to do about it…

The picture is of me in an infrared Sauna at Skin Deep in Mullaloo where I sit for 40 minutes and meditate or simply relax.

There are supposedly a big list of positive things that happen to your body when you do this, including detoxing, healing, weight loss (fingers crossed) and reducing inflammation. For me I get enough out of it by simply stopping and relaxing for this long with nothing to do, (although they tell me you can take your phone in). You sweat for 40 minutes, then have a quick shower to wash it all away, in and out in 1 hour.

I wanted to share this with you as I think a lot of people I know would benefit from this. They do bunches of appointments at a discounted rate. so if you love it as much as me, why not buy 10?


I always say I’ll try anything once, how about you?