My Year Off Part Three Taking Up Meditation

My Year Off Part Three – Taking Up Meditation

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So not really giving something up is it?

However in a year of giving something up every month, if I’m honest I don’t have 12 bad habits.

I had to come up with something else that would be a positive change.  Maybe I should call it my year of a positive change every month. Nah, doesn’t have the same ring to it…

I did put this one out to you guys, as a choice between meditating and giving up those tasty morsels of goodness that we call chips, that I serve in the salon along side the wine.

You made it easy for me, because those chips would have been waaaaay harder to stop.

I did question if there was a hidden message from you all telling me I needed to relax a bit. Hey if that was it, you were right! ?

So how did I go?

Loved it, every day I loved it.

There were 2 nights I got home late and realised I hadn’t done it yet. I tried to do it in bed before I went to sleep, but you guessed it, I feel asleep.

When this happened, I made it up by doing 20mins the next day. Actually by the end I was doing 20minutes by choice, as I find it takes me 10mins to slow down enough to really get the good bit out of it.

My physio has taught me how to breath into my stomach, so I did all my meditation with this technique.

I would start by concentrating on each part of my body until I felt heat in it and then move on till the whole body was done.

After this with the remaining time, I just concentrated on my breathing.

I have shared this with a few of my guests throughout the month and a lot of you have said they just can’t mediate. The common issue is not being able to stop thinking and then getting a bit frustrated with it.

For me, I was not this hard in myself. Some days were easier than others, to actually slow down my brain. I figure just the fact of stopping and breathing slowly for this long, is a vast improvement in what I usually be doing!

Am I going to continue with this?


It literally makes everything better and I really do feel less stressed.

Oh and by the way, I thought I’d surprise you and give up the chips as well.

I didn’t succeed… ☹️

I seriously think that will be the hardest month of the year when it comes.

What to give up next month?

Well I’m on holidays so the first thought I had was giving up moderation. Can you imagine what a mess I’d be at the end of that!

I’m giving up complaining. Both internally and externally. I’m not expecting a 100% result here. What I do expect is a new awareness of how much I actually whinge and complain.

At least my husband will have a better holiday!

Wish me good luck. ?


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