Plex or Bonding Treatments Are All the Rage but Do They Really Work?

Plex Or Bonding Treatments Are All The

Rage But Do They Really Work?

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Plex or Bonding Treatments Are All the Rage but Do They Really Work?

You’ve either heard of or used some sort of bonding treatment at this point but do they really work?

Well, that depends on what your expectation of the treatment are…

What can they do?

  • Protect your hair from some of the damage created during the colouring process
  • Keep your hair healthier when take home products are used properly
  • Extend the life of your colour

What can’t they do?

  • Fix your hair if its super sensitized
  • Protect already sensitised hair from further damage
  • Encourage your hair to grow faster

What are some of the issues that misuse can cause?

  • The belief that because a plex/bonding treatment is used, you can push the colour too far with harsh chemicals
  • Over using the take-home plex/bonding treatments and causing a product build up which can lead to colours not being able to penetrate and even hair breakage
  • Your hair becoming limp and hard to style from the build-up of some take home treatments

What should I do to keep my hair healthy?

Definitely use a plex or bonding treatment in your colour but insure the following

  • You have an experienced colourist that understands how to use these products
  • That you take all of your chosen colourist’s advice
  • Don’t think that using a plex/bonding treatment means you can use hot tools everyday
  • Make sure you’re using professional hair products for everything you use, not just the plex/bonding treatment, click here to get a new perspective on your hair
  • Use high quality hot tools and minimise use as much as possible
  • Don’t sleep with the treatment in unless advised to

These products are fabulous and we’re so lucky to have them in our modern world. Just be sure to realise it not a magic wand solution. Continue to still do all the other things you always have Oh and always get professional advice!

If you’d like to book an appointment to give your hair or scalp some love then we are always be delighted to hear from you. We’d be happy to talk through your hairs current condition as part of your initial consultation. All the details to make a booking can be found here.