Stress And Its Impact On Your Hair And Scalp

Stress And Its Impact On Your Hair & Scalp

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You have heard mention of stress potentially effecting your scalp and hair but what does this actually mean?

First lets touch on the stress Hormone known as Cortisol.




Cortisol is a steroid hormone which does heaps of things including to help control blood sugar levels, regulate metabolism & reduce inflammation.

What we originally needed it for is to help us through immediate stress such as being attacked by an animal.

The adrenal gland releases several hormones giving us an adrenaline rush and following that we get a huge release of cortisol that helps us to escape danger.

Short bursts of cortisol are needed to help us recover from the stress, they boost blood sugars levels to give instant energy, reduce pain levels to keep us focused and pull calcium from our bones to our muscles for quick response.

These days our stress is different and tends to be more frequent and continuous. We suffer job loss, financial insecurity, marriage problems and so much more, these problems not being quickly over and this is where Cortisol can cause a problem.

Extended exposure to Cortisol can raise blood sugar levels, remove much needed Calcium from our bones, raise blood pressure, cause depression, retain excess fat and also have devastating results on our hair which can lead to hair loss.


Cortisol And Hair Loss


Now you ask, why exactly is this causing hair loss?

Briefly its to do with the life cycle of your hair and in my next blog I will share more in depth what this is all about.

In the meantime why don’t you ask your self if you feel there is excess stress in your life and what do you think you could do to lower it.
Its incredible once you stop and truly ask yourself this question, what you will uncover. Simply being aware of your breathing and when it is not relaxed its a very good start!

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