Stress Less

Stress Less

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Stress Less, is it that simple?

Stress and hair health just don’t mix but what can we do about it?

Is it as simple as deciding not to stress anymore?

Well sometimes its that simple but definitely not all the time so what can you do to reduce the ill effects of stress, AKA cortisol, on your body?

You know that you should eat well, (lots of fresh raw food), exercise, (at least 3 times a week), drink less, (my least favorite) and gets lots of sleep, but do you do it?

First step, be honest with your self, where could you improve on these simple life choices?

For me I could definitely cut down on the wine I drink and stop eating the small bags of chips I have for guests in salon, what about for you?

Did you know that females have fluctuating hormone levels, that men simply don’t have? Yes we can be logical but our hormones can create emotions that aren’t logical. Some days we simply have to recognise this and give ourselves a break.

There is an amazing podcast I have been listening to and its just for the ladies. She goes into this more in depth on her show and each one is only 15mins or so long. Do yourselves a favor and subscribe, its so good!

Sometimes in our lives there will be stress we can’t completely control, but the first step is recognising it. Then you can find your ways to deal with it. What works for you? Meditation, yoga?

I have tried so many things to keep my stress levels down. Lately I have been going to infrared sauna at least one a week which I love, (especially through winter), only having one coffee a day and making sure I don’t drink more days a week than I do. Honestly I feel better than I have in ages simply taking those few steps.

What are you going to try?

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