Your Local Sustainable Salon – Trigg Hair Studion

You can be confident knowing that when you become a guest at Trigg Hair Studio we are looking after the planet for you. What an amazing added benefit to your high-quality hair experience?
We do this two ways
  • The hair care products we use and recommend come from sustainable sources with all emissions completely offset
  • 95% of salon waste is recycled through a company called sustainable salons The waste that goes into landfill is usually organic waste only

Our first sustainable hair salon initiative relates to the products we use

Pure Haircare is Australian made using certified organic extracts combined with high-quality scientific ingredients. We get it, you want everything to be natural however it’s this combination that looks after your body, your planet and actually delivers on quality.

Pure Haircare has zero carbon emissions, their packaging is made with recycled Australian land waste plastic and its made and owned in Australia.

Davines Haircare is sustainably sourced using local ingredients which keep their farmers farming heirloom products that would otherwise not be available to us.

They are always partaking in efforts to clean up our planet including reforestation, clearing of garbage island in the ocean and using cut hair for fertilisation and purification of polluted water.

Their colour is up to 93% naturally derived so it’s good for your body, your planet and your future as well as being cutting edge technology that really delivers.

Our second sustainable hair salon initiative is recycling

By using to support our commitment to recycling we are able to recycle 95% of salon waste.

Here where it goes.

Hair: all cut hair is collected and used to clean up oil spills on our coastlines if it’s long enough it can be used to make wigs for cancer and alopecia suffers.

Foils: foil is infinitely recyclable so is sold to metal yards with the proceeds being donated to Oz Harvest to help feed the homeless. A full head of foils is a quarter of a meal.

Chemical waste: you’ll be pleased to know our aim is to have none of this however the small amount we do have is neutralised and used as water on road construction

Paper: you will be reusing out paper whenever you buy recycled Australian paper products

Plastic: all plastic is recycled together and turned into small pellets which then become outdoor furniture.

As well as all this, Sustainable Salons employ team members with intellectual disabilities in their warehouse. This provides them with employment at a place they are supported, can be more independent and as a bonus, it is somewhere they love going each day.

Sustainable Salon - Trigg Hair Studion - Recycling