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Vitamin C And Your Hair

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Vitamin C And Your Hair

We all know that vitamin C is good for us but did you ever consider its impact on your hair?

I think most of has heard at some point of the role vitamin C can play in skin health and guess what there’s skin on your head under all that hair!

We’ve all heard me say this a million times  by now, healthy scalp leads to healthy hair…

Did I hear someone say something about a broken record?

As well as helping your skin/scalp vitamin C does also helps the hair itself.  This is due to the fabulous antioxidants that the vitamin C contains.

In a super simplified version, (there is so much more to antioxidants than this but that’s for another time and perhaps a Naturopath to explain), antioxidants help to counteract free radicals which are the ones we don’t want because they can dehydrate the hair.

Taking a supplement is one option but also vitamin C is in so many foods and drinks that you probably already love and enjoy. For example Gin & tonic, (don’t forget the lemon), mojitos or strawberry daiquiris, just to name a few!

I guess like with most things in life the fresher and more varied your diet, the more vitamins and minerals you’ll get.

Vitamin C is in so many foods, citrus of course but did you know that cauliflower and brussel sprouts have plenty too?

I personally put a whole lemon from my local framers markets in my green smoothie every day, pips and all.  I have heard that pips from fruit can help with menopause hot flushes and even though I’m not quite there yet, there’s no harm dosing up for a possible future right?

Pips are full of polyphenols which are fabulous for gut health anyway so get munching people!

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