The Sneaky Truth Behind Hair Extensions

The Sneaky Truth Behind Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions are such a big thing these days and today I want to share with you the sneaky truth behind hair extensions…

Have you heard the word Alopecia before?

Well basically it simply means hair loss and there are many kinds. The most common one we hear about is called Alopecia areata, where patches of hair on the head disappear commonly from stress, but there is a less talked about version called traction Alopecia.

Traction Alopecia develops from continuous pulling of the hair and can be caused by a few things. Wearing your hair in a very tight ponytail all the time, as well as some braiding can cause traction alopecia. The tension causes continuous pulling on the root area of the hair which can cause the hair to fall out. Sometimes it’s possible to undo the damage simply by styling the hair differently and waiting for it to grow back, though can be permanent.

Traction Alopecia can also happen from poorly fitted hair extensions.

If the extension is not put in by a stylist who has had the proper training, pieces of hair that are being pulled, can stop growing permanently because of the extended tension to the hair follicle. If one or more bits of hair stop growing it’s not so bad but over time this can become a form of permanent baldness or thinning of the hair.

My best advice if your thinking of getting extensions is to get an expert to put them in and maintain them. Going to the cheapest you can find is often not going to be the best idea with a service like this.

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