Three Commonly Asked Questions About Going Blonde For The First Time

Three Commonly Asked Questions

About Going Blonde For The First Time

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Three commonly asked question about going blonde for the first time by you are….

Will the lightening process dry out my hair?

Great question!

Hair lightening products are not all created equal. This means some lightening products are of a much better quality than others. To be sure your hair stylist is using premium products rather than the cheaper more drying ones, just ask them. You can even ask them for the brand and do some research yourself. Ideally having a stylist that you know and trust is the easiest way.

We use Premium Davines colour at Trigg Hair Studio, you can see more about Davines here

It’s also important to know that the process of lightening the hair will swell the hair fiber. Swelling causes damage to your hair even if your stylist is using the most amazing and gentle products on the market. If your hair is in good condition and premium products are used, your hair will still feel amazing. In fact, you may find that the increased body after the lightening process, will make your hair easier to style and stay cleaner for longer.

Can I still use my hot tools?

Hot tool use in your hair is all about how often you do it, the type of hair you have and the protection you’re giving your locks.

Hot tools take moisture out of your hair every time you use them. Once you’ve had a lightening process your hair is a more susceptible to damage so you want to do it as little as possible.

Part of this is not just the fact you’ve lightened your hair but what sort of hair you have on your head in the first place. If your hair in fine and wispy it will be more prone to damage than if you have thick hair fibres.

Lastly you can use a heat protection spray before styling to help protect your hair from the heat. Chat to your stylist about a great recommendation here.

We recommend Juuce Heat Shield RRP 28.95

If you’d like to read more about what the effect of hot tools on your hair, you can read our previous blog here

I swim regularly, is that ok?

You have to live your life and swimming is great for the mind and body. However, without protection your hair can suffer. You can use a defense type product before and after swimming which can help repel chlorine or salt from your hair. Combine this type of product with rinsing and cleansing your hair as soon as possible after the swim and you should be fine.

We recommend Juuce Solar Endz for this RRP $28.95

There you have it, the three most commonly asked questions about going blonde for the first time. If you have any others you can book below for a complimentary consultation at Trigg Hair Studio.

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