Understand Why Your Curls Drop

Maintaining Hair Styles – Understand Why Your Curls Drop!

Understand Why Your Curls Drop | Sam Macdonald Hair | Hairdresser Trigg North Beach Scarborough Karrinyup | Maintaining Hair Styles

Do you remember when the weekly set was a thing? Hard to imagine a curly style that would last you a week these days isn’t it?

If you’re a lover of curls then you’ve probably often asked why they can drop out when you’ve put in so much effort to get them in your hair in the first place.

In today’s post I’ll help you understand why your curls drop out.

When we style hair there are 2 things that effect us getting a temporary change in the hair in terms of style.

Firstly hot to cold.

Think hot rollers for example, they start off hot and we put them in dry hair until the rollers are completely cool and woo hoo, we have curls or waves. In some hair types this will only last a day, if that, and we do get a great style for a short time. Another example of this is our straightener we use for curling, we use a hot straighter to style into the shape we like, let it cool and we have waves.

Now think back to our weekly set which is lasting a whole week…

The second way of holding a shape in hair is wet to dry.

When we do a set, we roll wet hair into a curl shape and dry it on the roller, this is a stronger result than the hot to cold option and therefore lasts longer.

The reason for all of this is we are reshaping what we call the physical bonds of the hair. Physical just means temporary because as soon as we wet our hair we have to start all over again.

Now you can see why a permanent wave is called a perm, short for permanent.

Hope that has helped you understand why your curls drop out.

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