Your Hair Gets Longer When Its Wet

Your Hair Gets Longer When Its Wet

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Your hair gets longer when its wet, well its more like it stretches. This does effectively make it longer but as it drys it goes back to it normal length.

Why do you need to keep this in mind?

The main reason is simply how you treat it while its actually wet. If you put your hair in a tight ponytail when its wet, as it drys and shrinks what do you then can happen to the hair?

Worst case scenario the hair itself could actually snap off causing permanent breakage. ?

A simple way to avoid this is to put your wet hair up loosely or simply wait till its dried. Scrunchies are actually great for if you want to put it up wet, as they are so gentle on the hair.

This is why its also important to be gentler on the hair when its wet. As its in a susceptible state a gentle combing action is preferable to an aggressive brushing one. A great option here is an afro or rake come, you know the ones with the wide teeth.

Sometimes people with frizzy or curly hair use a tight pony tail as a way of straightening their hair a little. Its important to be aware that the breakage can happen because over time you can end up with lots of short hairs, particularly around your hairline at the front and back of your hair.

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