Meet The Hairdressing Team at Trigg Hair Studio
Meet Sam

Hello, I’m Sam, owner at Trigg Hair Studio.

My life in hairdressing began in Sydney in 1992 at the age of 15. Since then, I have barely left except that short 6 month stint working for Telstra. This only made me want to run back to hairdressing as fast as possible!

In this time, I have worked and managed many salons across Sydney, Adelaide and Perth the latter being the best of course.

As well as working on the salon floor, servicing the many amazing guests I’ve had over the last three decades, I have also been a part of the many other roles this industry has to offer. This includes an 8 year stint educating other hairdressers as a colour educator.

I’m a trained associate trichologist, (doctor or hair and scalp), with a lean towards a natural approach to remedying the issues in this area. 9 times out of 10, a look at what’s happening inside our bodies and some life style adjustments will fix these issues.

As well as Trichology, I specialise in colouring, cutting and styling.

My latest journey as salon owner is a culmination of all of these things. As well as being my most challenging, it’s definitely the most rewarding. With the fabulous team we have, it’s an absolute privilege to be here for you our salon guests and part of such an amazing group of hairdressers.

Meet Sarah

Hi, my name is Sarah, senior stylist at Trigg Hair Studio

My life in this amazing profession began for me in 2006, including 18months in London.

I possess a strong drive to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques. This is what makes working at Trigg Hair Studio the place for me, all the amazing ongoing education we receive.

While I love all things colouring and cutting, I particularly love expressing my more creative side with fun colours and short female haircuts.

A highlight of my career in 2020 was winning a position to represent Australia in Paris for Inter-coiffure as a part of the Fondation Guillaume team. I learnt so much and was even more inspired to be the best hairdresser I can.

In 2011 I was lucky to be selected to complete a one-week Vidal Sassoon Trilogy course in London.

As a stylist I believe we never stop learning.

Living locally since 1992, I love the ocean and the area as much as I love an Espresso Martini.

I look forward to meeting you in the salon and sharing all my knowledge with you.

Meet Lien

Hi, I’m Lien, senior team member at Trigg Hair Studio

You could say my interest in the hairdressing industry began when I was a child.

My mum couldn’t afford to pay for our haircuts and decided that my sisters and I would look the same. We literally all got Dora the Explorer style bobs with a bowl cut fringe. Imagine our continued shock as adults when we see family pictures of us all looking the same, proudly hanging on the walls of our family home!

I knew back then that hair was a fascination for me and thanks to my Mother’s ways, everyone in my family gets a professional haircut these days.

At this point, I’ve been in the hair industry for over a decade. I owned a hairdressing salon and became a businesswoman at the age of 24. Leading a salon taught me a lot and turned me into a mature and respectful woman. It was definitely hard work but I’m grateful for all the learning and being able to support our guests every time I am in the salon.

When friends, family and clients ask me what my favourite thing about hairdressing is I definitely have an answer I love. It’s the clients I meet and work with, often for years. At Trigg Hair Studio we call our clients guests and I love that too.

Over the years, I have built strong bonds with the guests in the salon and love watching them leave with a big smile on their face. This makes my day because I know I helped them feel like that way. It’s my passion and it always will be.

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Meet Chris

Hi, I’m Chris, senior team member and operations manager at Trigg Hair Studio.

My love of hairdressing came as a bit of a surprise to me. What started out as simply making coffee and sweeping hair became a passion.

What inspires me most is transforming hair and making our guests feel amazing about themselves.

Not only have I worked in Perth but also in Darwin which has given me an extra experience in hair that I can share with you in salon.

I also feel so fortunate connecting with the amazing humans that sit in my chair each day. I’m so grateful I found this fabulous industry to spend my life in.

I love doing all things hair, particularly colouring and cutting with blondes being my absolute specialty.

One of the things that keeps me excited at Trigg Hair Studio is the fact we never stop learning. Constant training in the salon to up-skill, keeps the team motivated and with fresh skills for you to feel your best when you leave, every time.

I’m excited to meet you to share with you my skills and know how.

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