Trichology Scalp Analysis

The word Tricholgy comes from the Greek work ‘Trikos’, meaning “hair”, and ‘logy’, meaning study of.

In addition to the usual hair salon services, you can receive advice on scalp issues otherwise known as Trichology.

Sam takes care of this at this stage and she studied here in Perth with The Australian Institute of Trichology. She obtained an associate diploma which gives her the expertise to help you with the health of your hair and scalp.  This is something most salons don’t offer simply because they don’t have anyone qualified to do so.

There are many things potentially going on within your hair and scalp that could be affecting the strength, condition and even amount of hair on your head. The sorts of conditions you can get under control with our help are dandruff, psoriasis, dermatitis, sensitivity and itchiness. Also hair loss in women as well as assisting pregnant and breastfeeding women with the hair loss sometimes associated with this time in your life, know as Postpartum Alopecia.

With the help of a Trichoscope (microscope specifically for the hair and scalp), we can look intensely at your scalp to see whats going that we could be missing with the naked eye. We can also record this information for you to keep an eye on your progress and also for you to take to a specialist if required.

It’s an amazing thing to be able to see what’s happening at such a magnified state and even better when you see the improvement between visits. Trichology for scalp analysis is a brilliant thing!

You can expect a holistic approach with this service, which means we look at what is happening inside your body as well. Its so important that before you start dealing with the issue from the outside of your body, that you know for sure that you are getting everything you need internally. Even the best products won’t help you, if you’re not helping yourself.

If you’re looking to find out the cause of what is happening, not just the cure, then book yourself in using our book now button for a scalp exam. Bring in a photo of everything your currently using on your hair and any supplements and medication your taking. Be prepared to be educated and empowered during a 45minute consultation.

So much happens internally and we can empower you to take control of your hair, scalp and skin.

Trichology Scalp Analysis For Women | Trigg Hairdresser | Hair Care Karrinyup, North Beach, Scarborough, Carine, Marmion

The photographs to the right show the before and after for one of our valued clients, who came to us after experiencing many challenges with her scalp.

After completing the trichology scalp analysis we were able to advise her on appropriate treatment to address the issues. The second image shows the results after two months of treatment and you can read below to understand the positive difference this has made for her.

We haven’t included her name out of respect for her privacy.

“I have experienced issues with my scalp for a number of years. I have tried different products over time but the problem kept coming back. Four weeks ago Sam literally put my scalp under the spotlight with her trichology camera…oh my goodness, what a sight it was up close!!! Sam offered a shampoo and leave in spray which I have used solely on my hair since my last appointment. This week when we had a second look, the improvement was absolutely incredible…I finally feel like we have found a solution to this persistent problem! Sam is a hairdresser that cares about her clients and is genuinely interested in not just making us feel fabulous and looking good but she also takes a holistic approach to every individual. I also love our chats, your trashy mags and great coffee…thanks Sam!”

Tricology Hair & Scalp Analysis | Sam Macdonald Hair | Trigg Hairdresser | North Beach, Karrinyup, Scarborough, Carine 1

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