Why We Can’t Live Without Solar Enz This Summer At Trigg Hair Studio

Why We Can’t Live Without Solar Enz

This Summer At Trigg Hair Studio

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Summer is coming!!! Yay and about time, it’s been a slow start. You need to know why we can’t live without Solar Endz at Trigg Hair Studio…

Protection for your hair for all the summer throws at it!

What do you do with those luscious locks in the summer time?

Do you swim at the beach or the pool?

Do you spend a good amount of time in the great outdoors?

So do we, that’s the whole point of living in sunny Perth right!

If you want to keep your hair fabulous and live your best life, you simply need an additional defense against sun, salt and chlorine.

Here’s how you use it…

– Put it in your hair BEFORE exposure to whatever you’re throwing at your hair today

– Do the thing you love.

From here you have 3 options

– In an ideal world, as soon as you’ve left the water or the sun, cleanse your hair.

– If you can’t completely cleanse then rinse in clean water and reapply Solar Endz.

– If you have no access to clean water for your hair, simply reapply Solar Endz to your hair and cleanse as soon as you can.

That’s it, could it be any easier?

Summer is coming and now you’re ready for it…

Oh, you know the best thing?  It’s an absolute steal for only $28.95.

Available at Trigg Hair Studio

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