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Psoriasis, what is it?

A condition where skin cells build up and from scales and itchy dry patches. Its typically found on the hands, feet, face, neck and scalp.

It is a long term, (chronic), non-curable autoimmune condition that will flare up throughout your life time for many different reasons.

Its commonly associated with other conditions such as psoriatic arthritis.

What does it look like?

Built up layers of dried skin of a whitish-silver colour. It can be difficult to see the colour with the naked eye, this is where I trichoscope, (microscope for hair and skin), can assist. Our resident associate trichologist Sam can do an exam for you in salon.

Book here for a trichology exam.

Why does it happen?

We’re not sure what causes psoriasis, however it develops when T cells mistakenly attack healthy skin cells. In normal skin, the life cycle is approximately 28days. When psoriasis is present this can happen in a little as 7 days. This leads to the skin piling up on top of itself as it doesn’t have time to naturally fall off.

What can we do about it?

As psoriasis in non-curable, what we can concentrate on is reducing flare ups through lifestyle choices.

  • Stay to a healthy weight, not only for obvious reason but also to prevent in forming in the folds of your skin
  • Exercise to encourage blood flow and help immune cells travel through your body
  • Decrease alcohol
  • Eat less inflammatory foods
  • Stay hydrated

Failing this you can get topical ointments and some medications can slow down cellular growth and relieve the itching.

Also as with all scalp issues, try not to scratch with your fingernails. You typically have lots of bacteria living under them. If you put this bacteria in broken skin, you can get an infection.

If you’d like to book an appointment to give your hair or scalp assistance, all the details to make a booking can be found here.