How To Prevent Heat Damage To You Hair

Prevention Is Better Than Cure; How To Prevent Heat Damage To Your Hair

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In my last post I shared with you what the effects of hot styling can do to the hair over time. This time I will share the easiest way of preventing damage and keeping your hair looking at its best…

Firstly you need 3 foundation products and they are a good quality shampoo, conditioner and leave in conditioner for the ends.

The best way to know you are using the right ones, is to have them prescribed especially for you by your hairdresser or a hairdresser in a salon you don’t go to can also advise you. Don’t fall into the trap of simply reading the bottle and reading for yourself, although its seems simple, there as often a little more to it so professional advise is a must.

The next thing you MUST have if you intend hot styling is to use a heat protector. A heat protector will not stop all damage, but it will drastically decrease the heat damage to your hair.

A good way to see if your heat protector is any good, is to spray it on the back of one of your hands and then get the blow dryer close to the skin and see the comparison of the heat on the protected hand and the unprotected hand.

These 4 products are a must and you may also require further styling that your hairdresser can recommend.

When it comes to doing the right thing by your hair and being proactive about protect ing your hair from damage don’t guess what you could do. Instead ask your hairdresser for their advice as they’ll be able to talk to you about your hair, it’s actual condition and the right products for you.

If you’d like to book an appointment to give your hair some love I’d be happy to talk through it’s current condition as part of your initial consultation. All the details to make a booking can be found here.