How To Create The Perfect Curl

How To Create The Perfect Curl

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We want to help YOU create the perfect curl!

We get it, it looks so easy when the professionals do it right! Well we’d hope so, we’ve spent years making it look this way!

First things first, its best to try the following techniques with the hot tool turned off first. This way you can have a play and get used to the feeling without burning your hair unnecessarily.

There are many options to create a curl/wave from a hot tool. You can choose from curling irons, flat irons and many other conical shapes. The basic principals are the same.

You need to think about the direction the curl/wave is going in. Glamour curls/waves are typically all the the same direction and a more playful  or textured wave mixes it up a little.

Lets start with the glamour wave

To create a more polished curl/wave, you’re going to direct the hot tool in the same direction going away from the face and meeting in the middle at the back of your head. This will allow the curls to fall into each other and will give you the polished result you’re after.

Secondly the textured wave/curl

To create a more textured or playful curl/wave, you’re going to change the direction of the hair for each section. This prevents the hair from falling in together and therefore creates the ‘textured’ look you’re after.

Texture and glamour curl

You can combine these two textures together by directing the curls in the same direction, away from the face but leaving the ends out for a less structured finish.

Quick tips to make your curls/waves:

  • Don’t wash your hair right before you curl it. Depending on your hair type you should wash the night before or even 2-3 day after for best results. This is because a little of your natural oils will help the curl to retain in your hair.
  • Always use a great quality heat protector to help minimise the damage to your hair. These tools typically run between 180-230 degrees, the damage builds up over time so do your best to protect it.
  • Prepare the hair with a good quality mousse, this can be applied wet or dry or both.
  • Good quality hairspray and texture dust is a great way to finish the result and helps the style to stay for longer.

We can assist you with high quality products to help you, it does make a huge difference working with the best products possible.

The last thing is super important. Be sure to use the best quality hot tools you can. The better brands have special coatings often ceramic or from gemstones. This greatly assists in keeping your hair from getting as damaged. That being said try to keep use to a minimum as every time is doing at least a a small amount of damage.

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